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Vicious Is Not Your Normal Superhero Story

VIcious - V.E. Schwab

You know those books that suck you into the story and keep you thinking about them long after you finish them. This book was that for me. It meet my high expectations and then proceeded to blow them out of the water. This book is about superheroes and super villains and the question about of what kind of person super powers make you. The characters are complex. The writing is intelligent and very quotable. The story is super enjoyable and not predictable.
Victor and Eli are in my mind like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner from The Avengers but with a falling out.They are those friends that are similar yet opposite in so many ways but are joined together by the unifying bands of science and the pursuit of knowledge. They are perfectly imperfect characters that had me hooked from the first page. Not only were they great but all the side characters are wonderfully complex as well.
This book is definitely my favorite of the year so far and has moved into the ranks of one of my favorite books ever. Words don't do the awesomeness contained in this book justice. All I can say is GO READ IT! You won't be disappointed.