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Cress - Marissa Meyer

Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better! When I finished Scarlet last year, all I could think about was that a year was a long time to wait for Cress. I can now officially say that the year long wait was totally worth it! This book was mindbogglingly awesome! I loved it! Like I want to start it over and read it again, loved it.
The characters are amazing, both new and old. Why hello again, Captain Thorne! I love you even more than I did in Scarlet. The character development in this book was awesome! I really liked Cress and she adds an interesting dynamic to our group of ragtag revolutionaries. I absolutely love that she is a genius computer hacker but still very feminine. I love all of the characters but Iko is my absolute favorite!
This book switches points of view often but very seamlessly. The story has a continuity not unlike that of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books. It was awesome to connect small tidbits from the first two books to this one.
The plot of this is fairly fast paced. I could have easily read the whole thing in one sitting if I didn't have work early the next day. I found my self reading it every available moment I had which got me several weird looks at the grocery store while I was waiting in the checkout line.
Oh and the ending to this book! So good! I want to talk about it, but in the interest of keeping this spoiler free, I'm just going to say that I loved it! I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what was up with me both yelling and squealing at the book as I was finishing up.
I am so excited for the last book in this quartet! Hopefully this next year long wait goes more quickly than the last one. 
Cress is another awesome addition to this amazing series! Bravo, Marissa Meyer. Bravo.