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Shadowflame - Dianne Sylvan I'm not completely sure what to write about this book. I have problems with the infidelity of David and the whole relationship with Deven really bothered me. The whole relationship came out of nowhere and it didn't fit in with what I took from their relationship that was introduced in the first book. I would have preferred that they had been best friends rather than ex-lovers. I'm interested to see where the plot with Cora goes and I love how strong Miranda has become in this book. Overall I enjoyed the action of the book but I disliked the aforementioned parts. But I think that everything except the relationship with Deven (really where did that come from?) helped to build the characters. I still will read the next book to see what happens next.*** I had to add to this review and change my rating. After reading the book again and reading the one that comes after it. All I can say is that Sylvan is a genius who has a strong control of writing emotional books. The relationship with Deven doesn't bother me anymore after letting myself sit and think about it. It just threw me off guard when I first read the book. Overall, this book is amazing and everything happens in this book for a reason. Nice job, Sylvan. Nice job.